New! The Harrison's Visual Case Challenge

New! The Harrison's Visual Case Challenge

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We are pleased to announce the latest feature on Harrison's Online--the Harrison's Visual Case Challenge. This fun, educational feature allows users to test their diagnostic skills in assessing conditions where a visual element is key to the correct diagnosis, whether an EKG, a CT scan, a plain film Xray, a skin lesion, or a pathology slide. Many conditions in medicine appear to be have similar features, so the ability to spot key differences in visual clues is an essential part of clinical reasoning. Our new Visual Case Challenge presents two conditions in each patient case; you can choose the correct diagnosis just based on the visual clue, or request further patient data before making the diagnosis. We have also included Clinical Pearls in each case for a complete learning experience. 

The Harrison's Visual Cases modules are available under the Cases tab of AccessMedicine. Check out our first three sample cases here, and look for new cases each month. 

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about 3 years ago

Hello everyone ; Please If anyone can give me an information about release of new edition (20th edition ) of Harrison's    self-assessment board review .

Is it present with a hard-copy ?

Thanks so much ..