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How to go about to subscribe Harrission Text Book of Medicine 21st Edition Mc Graw Hill

PREMSHANKER SINGH on Jul 18, 2022 • 1 answer
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Hello, If you are part of an institution, please visit your library to see if you subscribe to AccessMedicine. If not, please visit our store here to purchase Harrison's individually: Read more »
Julie Grishaw, ACNP on Jul 18, 2022
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Where to find atlas of liver biopsy ? Thank You

Surrinder Kumar Bakshi on Feb 22, 2021 • 1 answer
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Chapter 330: Evaluation of Liver Function in Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 20th edition. Thanks!
Michael Weitz on Feb 22, 2021
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What are routine screening panels for chemistries

judy thompson on May 01, 2020 • 1 answer
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Radiography is an essential tool in the diagnosis of ARDS. As you asked about clinical chemistries and lab testing, here is a comprehensive answer from the McGraw Hill textbook Fishman's Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders, 5th edition by Grippi et ... Read more »

phosphodiestarase 5 inhibitors and syncope

VIJAY DHONDGE on May 06, 2019 • 1 answer
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In my research about your question, I did not find anything that related syncope to phosphodiestarase 5 inhibitors. As a PT, I am not an expert in medication side effects, this one especially, and suggest that you contact your local PCP or pharmaci... Read more »
Rose Hamm on May 06, 2019
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Do you have CMEs? If yes, how do I find them?

Katy Lencioni on Jun 05, 2018 • 1 answer
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Hi Katy, The Harrison's Q&A of the Week does not yet have CME, we are looking at adding CME in 2019. AccessMedicine does have a number of resources (the main Harrison's text included) that are CME eligib... Read more »