Harrison's Review Questions...on your mobile device!

Prep for the internal medicine wards and boards with Q&A from Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine...all from the convenience of your mobile device. Download the new MyAccess app to get started now. Your patients will thank you.
Harrison's Review Questions...on your mobile device!

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Whether you're a medical student on internal medicine clerkship, resident caring for patients on the wards, or practicing clinician prepping for the boards, we all know that Q & A are a quick and effective way to learn.  

Harrison's Review Questions include over 1200 board-style questions and answers that cover the breadth of internal medicine and neurology. Written by physicians at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and sourced from content in the world-renowned Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, they're a surefire way to boost your knowledge.

And now... you can access them from the convenience of your mobile device. Waiting in the line at the grocery store? Resting in between sets at the gym? Drill a couple questions. 

Download the MyAccess app to get started now!

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