NAPLEX Question of the Week: Can I have your order?

This week's question focuses on a little known question type that could be on the exam: Ordered response.

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Rank the following insulin products from longest duration of action to shortest duration of action.

A. Novolog

B. Levemir

C. U-500 insulin

D. Tresiba

Correct answer with rationale: The correct order is D-B-C-A. One of the 5 question types on the NAPLEX is ordered response, where you will have to rank a number of agents in some delineated pattern. The example given in the candidate's guide is potency of topical corticosteroids. Be careful to read the question carefully and not give the wrong order (i.e. in this question you accidentally "read" rank from shortest to longest). This is a potentially 6 hour exam and you will get tired so can easily happen! Insulin degludec (Tresiba) is a basal insulin with a very long duration of action and therefore would be first, followed by another basal insulin (insulin detemir or Levemir), U-500 which is a form of regular insulin, and finally Novolog which is a rapid acting, mealtime insulin. 

Congrats to all who are finishing up studying before taking the exam. You have almost made it!

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Christopher M. Bland

Clinical Professor, University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

Dr. Christopher M. Bland is a Clinical Professor at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy at the Southeast GA campus in Savannah, GA. Dr. Bland has over 20 years of academic and clinical experience in a number of clinical areas. He is a Fellow of both the Infectious Diseases Society of America as well as the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. He is co-founder of the Southeastern Research Group Endeavor, SERGE-45, with over 80 practitioners across 14 states involved. Dr. Bland serves as Associate Editor for the NAPLEX Review Guide 4th edition as well as Editor-In-Chief for the Question of the Week. He has provided live, interactive reviews for more than 10 Colleges/Schools of Pharmacy over the course of his career.