The Harrison's Manual of Medicine 20th edition now on AccessMedicine

The Harrison's Manual of Medicine 20th edition now on AccessMedicine

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The Harrison's Manual of Medicine is an excellent clinical resource for when time is tight and answers are needed fast. The Manual is filled with excellent quick-reference features including numerous practical tables, diagrams, and patient care algorithms. The new edition edition is now on AccessMedicine: https://accessmedicine.mhmedic...

In addition to the the Manual and Harrison's itself, AccessMedicine medicine is home to more than 1000 excellent Harrison's Q&A is clinical vignette format, available here:  https://accessmedicine.mhmedic...       plus a collection of comprehensive case studies covering acid-base disturbances, available here:   https://accessmedicine.mhmedic...

And Harrison's has podcasts! These concise audio files  https://accessmedicine.mhmedic...   are perfect for reviewing key principles in internal medicine and pathophysiology. 

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