New! Harrison's Podclass episodes with guest Dr. Joseph Loscalzo

New! Harrison's Podclass episodes with guest Dr. Joseph Loscalzo

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We are gratified by the strong reception for our Harrison's Podclass audio series. For our new season, we will be joined by the Harrison's editors for their insights and pearls on common and challenging case vignettes throughout internal medicine. Our first three episodes with Dr. Joseph Loscalzo have now posted on AccessMedicine. These are terrific and highly engaging discussions covering topics throughout cardiovascular medicine. Dr Loscalzo is Head of the Department of Medicine at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and a pioneer in vascular biology and clinical cardiology.  The three episodes are available here: 

A 45 year old with an asymptomatic heart murmur

A 68 year old with hypertension

A 57 year old with chest discomfort

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