NAPLEX Question of the Week: Restoring Order

As I travel the country giving live reviews, it is shocking how many students have not read the NAPLEX Candidate Application Bulletin before diving into studying. Today's we test one of the little known question formats on the exam.
NAPLEX Question of the Week: Restoring Order

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Rank the following insulin products from longest duration of action to shortest duration of action.

A. Insulin aspart

B. Insulin glargine

C. Insulin regular

D. Insulin degludec

Correct answer with rationale: The correct order is D-B-C-A. One of the 5 question types on the NAPLEX is ordered response where you will have to rank a number of agents in some pattern. The example given in the candidate's guide is potency of topical corticosteroids. Be careful to read the question carefully and not give the wrong order (i.e. in this question you "read" rank from shortest to longest). This is a potentially 6 hour exam and you will get tired so can happen. Insulin degludec is a basal insulin with a very long duration of action and therefore would be first, followed by another basal insulin (glargine), regular, and finally aspart which is a rapid acting, mealtime insulin. 

Have you read through the candidate's guide? Do you know how many question types there are? Congratulations on many of you finishing your doctoral training. Keep up the studying!

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