PT Question of the Week - Left-sided Neck Pain


A 60-year-old male presents with complaints of left-sided neck pain. His past medical history included a cervical spinal fusion of C4-6. Symptoms are reported as best in the morning but progressively worsen as the day continues. Computer work aggravates the symptoms, and nothing seems to improve them. The patient denies any sensory deficits or radicular symptoms radiating into the upper extremities.

The physical examination revealed the following:

--Range of motion screening provoked pain with right side bending and right rotation.

--Left shoulder flexion and abduction passive range of motion were within normal limits and asymptomatic.

--Active external rotation and internal rotation of the left shoulder achieved C7 and T12, respectively.

--Myotomes and dermatomes were both normal, and the upper extremity reflexes were intact.

--The patient displayed decreased strength to the mid/lower trapezius via manual muscle testing

--The patient had difficulty performing a chin tuck with a head lift for 15 seconds, indicating deep cervical flexor weakness. Additionally, there was over-activation of both of the upper trapezius muscles with movement screening.

Based on these subjective and objective findings, in which of the following treatment-based categories would the patient fit?

A. Neck pain with coordination impairments

B. Neck pain with mobility deficits

C. Neck pain with radiating pain

D. Neck pain with headache

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neck pain with coordination impairment

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11 months ago

 Neck pain with mobility impairment