AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Cardiology Case 2.14

From: Graber and Wilbur's Family Medicine Examination and Board Review, 5e
AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Cardiology Case 2.14


A 75-year-old male presents to your office for a complete physical examination before prostate surgery. On examination, you notice a 3/6 harsh, mid-systolic ejection murmur heard best at the upper right sternal border and radiating to the neck. S1 and S2 are normal. An echocardiogram demonstrates mild aortic stenosis. Currently he is asymptomatic.

Question 1 of 4

The indications for valve replacement surgery include:

A: Grade 4/6 murmur

B: Requirement for major, semi-elective surgery such as prostatectomy

C: Severe aortic stenosis without symptoms and normal LV function

D: Severe aortic stenosis in a patient undergoing coronary bypass grafting

E: All of the above

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