Now Available: Gomella's Neonatology, 8th Edition

Editors: Tricia Lacy Gomella, Fabien G. Eyal, Fayez Bany-Mohammed
Now Available: Gomella's Neonatology, 8th Edition

Gomella's Neonatology: Management, Procedures, On-Call Problems, Diseases, and Drugs, 8th edition is now available on AccessPediatrics. The new edition is a comprehensive guide to treating both common and rare problems in newborn infants. 

This quick reference guide puts key information at reader's fingertips with the ease of an outlined format. The book covers everything from on-call neonatal problems and procedures to diseases and disorders, as well as pharmacology. 

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Apart from having key textual information, the 8th edition also features full-color images of neonatal rashes and dermatologic problems, and immunization tables. 

This new release is divided into 8 different sections and contains a total of 156 chapters.

The 8 essential sections include the following:

  • Section I: Prenatal, Labor, Delivery, and Transport Management
  • Section II: Basic Management 
  • Section III: Advanced Management 
  • Section IV: Procedures
  • Section V: On-Call Problems 
  • Section VI: Diseases and Disorders, General 
  • Section VII: Infectious Diseases 
  • Section VIII: Neonatal Pharmacology