Vanderbilt Internal Medicine and Pediatric Curriculum: Tobacco Use

Vanderbilt Internal Medicine and Pediatric Curriculum: Tobacco Use

A 15-year-old female comes to primary care clinic for her annual exam. She is in 10th grade and usually gets Bs in school. When her mother is out of the room, she confides in you that she currently smokes about half a pack of cigarettes per day. She notes that her mother also smokes cigarettes, but she does not want her mother to know. She denies any other illicit substance use. Her physical exam is unremarkable.

1 - How common is smoking in adolescents? What are the repercussions?

2 - What risk factors are associated with teen smoking?

3 - What approaches are helpful for assessing cigarette use in adolescents?

4 - What approaches are available to promote cessation?

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