AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Multiple Sclerosis

From: Case Files: Neurology 3e

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A 24-year-old law student was studying late at night for an examination. As he looked at his textbook, he realized that his left arm and left leg were numb. He dismissed the complaint, recalling that 6 or 7 months ago he had similar symptoms. He rose from his desk and noticed that he had poor balance. He realized that his vision was blurred and remembered that he also had some blurred vision approximately 1 to 2 years earlier that had resolved. He had not seen a physician for any of these previous symptoms. He went to bed and decided that he would seek medical consultation the next day.


1) What is the most likely diagnosis?

2) What is the next diagnostic step?

3) What is the next step in therapy?

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Julie Grishaw, ACNP

Senior Editor, McGraw-Hill Education