AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Hypothermia

From: Graber and Wilbur’s Family Medicine Examination and Board Review, 4th Edition
AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Hypothermia


A 52-year-old truck driver presents to your ED after being out in subzero temperatures for several hours trying to repair his truck. He is hypothermic when you use a low-reading rectal thermometer with appropriate calibration ("Thanks for getting the most accurate temperature, doc!"). His initial core temperature is noted to be 28°C. He has a pulse of 24 bpm, a BP of 70/30 mm Hg, and slow mentation. However, he is awake, and thus able to joke about a thermometer in his rectum.

Question 1 of 7:

The appropriate first-line treatment for this patient's profound bradycardia is:

A - Atropine.

B - Epinephrine.

C - Dopamine.

D - Lidocaine.

E - Re-warming.

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