AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Pathogenic Viruses: Respiratory Viruses

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This 9-month-old boy was born prematurely, requiring treatment in a neonatal intensive care unit for the first month of life. After discharge, he remained well until 3 days ago, when symptoms of a common cold progressed to cough, rapid and labored respiration, lethargy, and refusal to eat. On examination, his temperature was 38.5°C, respiratory rate 60/min, and pulse 140/min. Auscultation of the chest revealed coarse crackles and occasional wheezes. Abnormal laboratory findings included hypoxemia and hypercapnia. A chest radiograph showed hyperinflation, interstitial perihilar infiltrates, and right upper lobe atalectasis.

Question 1 of 4:

1. Which of these viruses is the least likely cause of this baby’s illness?

A - Influenza

B - Parainfluenza

C - Reovirus

D - Respiratory synctial virus

E - Adenovirus

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