Access Medicine's Case of the Week: Enteroviruses

From: Sherris Medical Microbiology Cases: Pathogenic Viruses: Enteroviruses
Access Medicine's Case of the Week: Enteroviruses


A 2-year-old girl is on a summer visit to her grandparents in the midwestern United States, when she develops irritability, vomiting, low-grade fever, and frontal headache over 2 days.

Physical examination reveals only a stiff neck, wherein the patient resists attempts to flex it.

A lumbar puncture is done to quickly rule out bacterial meningitis. The CSF results are 90 cells/mm3, 70% mononuclears, glucose 60 mg/dL, and protein 45 mg/dL. Gram stain is negative for bacteria.

Question 1 of 3:

A - IgM-specific serology on CSF

B - Viral culture of CSF


D - RT-PCR on rectal swab specimen

E - IgM-specific serology on serum

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