AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Seizure

Resident Readiness: Internal Medicine
AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Seizure


A 60-year-old woman is admitted to the hospital after a loss of consciousness. She had a “strange feeling” before losing consciousness. Her husband stated that she fell to the ground and had generalized stiffening and then shaking. She was unresponsive for approximately 1 minute, had urinary incontinence, and was confused for a few minutes after regaining consciousness. She had a similar episode 2 months ago; evaluation at that time, which included electrocardiography, stress electrocardiography, and a continuous-loop event electrocardiographic recorder, revealed no abnormal findings. The patient takes no medications.

Physical examination including a full neurologic examination is normal.

MRI of the brain and electroencephalogram (EEG) during waking and sleeping are also normal.

Question 1: What is the most likely diagnosis?

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generalised tonic clinic seizure