Case of the Week: Emergency Medicine

From Graber and Wilbur’s Family Medicine Examination and Board Review, 4th Edition
Case of the Week: Emergency Medicine


An 18-year-old male was working outside in the heat and humidity. The outside temperature reached 105°F with 90% humidity. He usually lives in northern Canada and works for the government tracking the migration of caribou—but he is here in Iowa on a job detasseling corn. (Don't believe it? Look at—seasonal hard work that pays well.) His friends noticed that he became confused, complained of a headache and muscle cramps, and became light-headed. On arrival to your ED, he is not sweating and is lethargic. His rectal temperature is 41.5°C. He says with a smile, "Guess I just can't handle the heat, eh?"

Question 1 of 2

All of the following are indicated in the treatment of this patient EXCEPT:

A - Pack the patient in ice to reduce core temperature.

B - IV fluids.

C - Use a fan and spray water on the patient to promote evaporative cooling.

D - Administer glucose if the patient is hypoglycemic.


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