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What’s your diagnosis?

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Answer: Marfan syndrome. Clinical features of Marfan syndrome include: (A) arachnodactyly, (B) Walker-Murdoch “wrist” sign, (C) Steinberg “thumb” sign, (D) pectus deformity of excavatum, (E) pectus deformity of pectus carinatum, (F) pes planus with hindfoot deformity, (G) high arched, narrow palate, (H) ectopic lentis, (I) striae of skin, (J) significant dilation of the aortic root via 3-dimensional reconstruction from magnetic resonance, (K) aortic root dilation with angiography, and (L) dural ectasia.


From: Kline MW. Rudolph's Pediatrics, 23e; 2017 Available at: http://accesspediatrics.mhmedical.com/ViewLarge.aspx?figid=175123392&gbos Accessed: February 13, 2018