NEW: Rudolph's Pediatrics 23e Q&A & Philadelphia Guide 3e

Now available on AccessPediatrics: Rudolph's Pediatrics, 23e, Self-Assessment and Board Review edited by Drs. Michael D. Cabana & Angelo P. Giardino; The Philadelphia Guide: Inpatient Pediatrics, 3e edited by Drs. Samir S. Shah, Jeanine C. Ronan, Marina Catallozzi, & Gary Frank
NEW: Rudolph's Pediatrics 23e Q&A & Philadelphia Guide 3e

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New & now available on AccessPediatrics- The Philadelphia Guide: Inpatient Pediatrics, Third Edition and Rudolph's Pediatrics, 23e, Self-Assessment and Board Review.

The Philadelphia Guide: Inpatient Pediatrics, Third Edition 

Editors: Samir S. Shah, MD, MSCE; Jeanine C. Ronan, MD, MS, MSEd; Marina Catallozzi, MD, MSCE; & Gary Frank, MD. 

Overview: This unique handbook covers 350+ of the most commonly encountered inpatient pediatric medical conditions. This 3rd edition goes beyond diagnostic strategies to include complete treatment and management guidelines. 

  • Practical diagnostic strategies
  • Extensive differential diagnosis suggestions
  • Up-to-date treatment and management guidelines
  • Content designed both for easy browsing and pinpointing specific information
  • Alphabetical organization within chapters for rapid access
  • Structured format with consistent headings throughout
  • Bulleted content for efficient and effective access to relevant information
  • Tables listing pediatric dosages for emergency, airway, and rapid sequence intubation medications, as well as defibrillation and cardioversion protocols
  • Practical appendices covering normal vital signs and pediatric blood pressure values

Read & explore the third edition here

Rudolph's Pediatrics, 23e, Self-Assessment and Board Review 

This new edition is online-only, an AccessPediatrics exclusive title. Questions can be accessed via Review Questions tab.

Editors: Michael D. Cabana, MD, MPH; Angelo P. Giardino, MD, PhD, MPH 

Associate Editors: Julie Stein O'Brien, MD, MS; Brent A. Mothner, MD, FAAP; Heather C. Moore, MD; Christian M. Niedzwecki, DO, MS 

Overview: This powerful study guide delivers more than 1,500 questions that focus on epidemiology, pathophysiology, presenting symptoms, clinical decision making, therapeutics, and prognosis of different pediatric disorders. Concise answer explanations illustrate key points and include references to pertinent sections in Rudolph's Pediatrics, 23e, for more in-depth coverage of the topic. You'll find everything you need in one comprehensive review: questions, referenced answers, full-color illustrations, and the expertise of the field's leading text.

Test your knowledge with the updated self-assessment and board review questions here.

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