When Is It Safe to Clear COVID-19 Positive Patients Who Are Isolated and Being Treated at Home?

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CDC Updated Guidelines for Discontinuing Isolation in Persons with COVID-19

For immunocompetent patients recovered from mild or moderate COVID-19 illness, the CDC indicates that isolation may be discontinued when all of the following criteria are med: 10 days have elapsed after symptoms began, 24-hours without fever or antipyretics, and other symptoms of COVID are resolving. Ideally, isolation should be maintained for this full period to the extent that it is practicable under rapidly changing circumstances.

For individuals who were severely ill with COVID or for those who are immunocompromised, the CDC recommends a longer period of isolation.  The CDC recommends up to 20 days and possible retesting.  Conferring with an infectious disease expert on a case-by-case basis may be required.