AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Obstetrics and Women's Health

From: Graber and Wilbur’s Family Medicine Examination and Board Review, 4th Edition
AccessMedicine's Case of the Week: Obstetrics and Women's Health


A 27-year-old female presents with her husband seeking advice regarding pregnancy loss. She recently had a miscarriage. Your patient states that this was her third miscarriage in the last 2 years. All three occurred at about 9 weeks of gestation.

Question 1 of 3

Possible explanations for recurrent pregnancy loss in this patient include each of the following EXCEPT:

 A - Parental structural chromosome abnormalities

 B - Uterine anatomic abnormalities

 C - Anticardiolipin antibody syndrome

 D - Idiopathic (unexplained etiology)

 E - Conception while on oral contraceptives

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