Pediatric Procedures on AccessPediatrics

Pediatric Procedures on AccessPediatrics

Among the valuable content available on AccessPediatrics are detailed instructions to the procedures most commonly performed on infants and children in a hospital setting that students and residents need to learn, such as lumbar puncture, emergent airway management, replacing a tracheostomy tube, and umbilical artery and vein catheterization (shown below). Taking advantage of the personalized MyAccess account features on AccessPediatrics, you can bookmark procedural chapters, tables, and illustrations for easy access and review, as well as download illustrations and tables to use in your own presentations and lectures. 

Go here for a complete section on common pediatric procedures in Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine.  

1. Infant placement and catheter lengths.

2. Preparing the umbilical cord. (A) Cutting the cord. (B) Exposing the vessels and inserting the umbilical vein catheter.

3. Umbilical artery catheter insertion. (A) Artery dilation. (B) Catheter insertion.

4. Securing the catheter. (A) Suture anchor. (B) Tape bridge.