Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment Pediatrics

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Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment (QMDT) Pediatrics is an exciting new addition to AccessPediatrics. Covering 400 essential diseases and disorders in infants, children, and adolescents, QMDT Pediatrics gives quick, concise answers to clinical questions to aid both learning and clinical decision-making. The topics are distilled from chapters in CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Pediatrics, which remains one of the most recognized and up-to-date resources in pediatric medicine. The bulleted format and alphabetically-organized topics promote rapid comprehension and will appeal to a wide audience searching for evidence-based, clinical information.

Topics in QMDT Pediatrics include:

  • Key Features: Essentials of diagnosis and general considerations
  • Clinical Findings: Symptoms and signs and differential diagnosis
  • Diagnosis: Laboratory tests, imaging studies and diagnostic procedures
  • Treatment: Medications, surgery, and therapeutic procedures
  • Outcomes: Complications, prognosis, when to refer, and when to admit
  • References: Up-to-date, evidence-based clinical guidelines, targeted references, and web sites for clinicians and patients